Focus Areas

LVNPPA serves businesses and commercial areas in North Portland, geographically defined by Kelly Point Park on the west, I-5 on the east, the Willamette River on the south, and the Columbia River on the north. This area includes the following neighborhoods: St. Johns, Cathedral Park, University Park, Portsmouth, Kenton, Arbor Lodge, Overlook and Hayden Island in its entirety. Within these commercial areas, our grant awards aim to:

  1. Improve safety
  2. Increase utilization or occupancy
  3. Encourage employment and development opportunities
  4. Improve appearance or cleanliness
  5. Provide aid to residents, nonprofits or small businesses
  6. Improve or increase utilization of shared cultural, environmental, educational or recreational space
  7. Build and enhance relationships between businesses and/or businesses and neighbors

LVNPPA Service Area

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