General Eligibility

Eligible projects will provide a public benefit, and applicants must demonstrate how their project is beneficial to the public interest. The IRS offers the following examples of how a project can be beneficial to the public interest: 

  • provides relief for the poor, distressed or under privileged;
  • advances education or science;
  • maintenance of public buildings, monuments or works;
  • lessens the burden of government;
  • eases neighborhood tensions;
  • eliminates prejudice and discrimination; and
  • combats community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.

In addition, eligible projects will benefit a North Portland business in some way, and address one or more of LVNPPA’s seven focus areas. These broadly-defined focus areas aim to enhance the community, and their order does not indicate priority, rank or weight. 

Eligible projects are one-time events, meaning that the project has not already been nor will it be repeated in successive years. LVNPPA does not accept applications for on-going programs, or annual events. Funding is intended for single projects that will have a direct benefit to the business as well as to the community.

Proposals may be accepted from any individual or organization in our service area (including but not limited to North Portland neighborhood associations, nonprofits, charitable organizations, and businesses). If you are an individual, nonprofit or other community organization, your proposals must have at least one North Portland business sponsor, and the sponsor is required to write a letter of support for the project. The letter of support should be submitted with your proposal.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Priority is given to projects that best meet the above guidelines and provide a good way to measure the success of the endeavor. Projects may be funded in part or in full.

Recipient Responsibilities

Once funds are awarded, recipient enters into an agreement with LVNPPA.

Recipient agrees to display LVNPPA promotional materials and participate in other LVNPPA promotional initiatives, for the purpose of raising visibility of the micro grant program. This can include but is not limited to sharing project information online (via LVNPPA or recipient websites and social media) and in print.

Upon completion of the project, recipient agrees to prepare a short summary report describing the project, its successes and challenges, and how the area has been improved as a result of the project.

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